Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Celebrate National Work and Family Month

Celebrate National Work and Family Month with a Facebook chat about the need for paid family and medical leave this Thursday, 10/23 from 1-2 pm.

The chat will be co-hosted by the National Partnership for Women and Families, MomsRising, CLASP, Family Values @ Work, and Working Mother magazine, on behalf of the FAMILY Act coalition.

Join the conversation here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Preemption Threat Over, But Domestic Violence Bill Still Needs You!

Purple ribbonLast night, Senator Hughes made a motion to revert HB 1796 to a prior printer’s number, eliminating the preemption amendment. The motion passed 26-22. Please take a moment to thank everyone who voted to help end the threat of preemption!

Thank you to everyone who made calls and spoke to their legislators, and a special thanks to our anti-domestic violence advocates and PCADV in particular.

The saga of HB 1796 continues, however. This bill, which passed unanimously in the House and was set to sail through the Senate until the preemption amendment was attached, is now marked as "over" for the day. In other words, the Senate doesn't plan to vote on it today, and since this is the last day of the session, it is the last day for votes. Unless we take action now, we will have to start over with this bill in January.

PCADV has put out an action alert asking everyone to reach out to their Senators right now. Please take a minute to do so.
Please take the next 5 minutes and call your senators with the following suggested script— Harrisburg office numbers can be found here:
“My name is _______________ and I am a constituent of Senator ______________. I am asking the Senator to please support running House Bill 1796 for final passage today. It is currently marked “over" on the Senate calendar.
[If your Senator voted to revert the bill yesterday evening— click here to see roll call] I also want to thank the Senator for voting to revert House Bill 1796 to prior printer’s number 2870 yesterday.
His/Her vote supports victims of domestic violence who a faced with help or homelessness. Thank you for your time.”
Click here to send a message to your Senator thanking them for their support on the motion to revert yesterday and urging them to run the bill today. If your Senator did not vote to support the motion to revert please change the message body to only include support for a final vote.

Finally, the gun rights legislation (the “Alloway Amendment”) that was nearly added to HB 1796 yesterday was instead added to HB 80. That bill is expected to run. You can call your Senators to comment on that bill as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Call Your Senators Now About HB 1796!

Senate Chamber, Pennsylvania State Capitol Building
It's the last day of planned voting in the PA Senate, and HB 1796, a common-sense bill designed to protect domestic violence survivors from being evicted from their homes, is about to be amended to include pro-gun legislation.

We probably don't need to tell you that a gun is the most common weapon used in domestic homicides.

This legislation is being added to a bill that has already been amended to include anti-paid sick days language, yet another provision that would harm domestic violence survivors as well as many families across Pennsylvania.

Please call your Senators NOW and ask them not to approve HB 1796 with these amendments! They are in session as we speak and need to hear from you RIGHT NOW.

What is HB 1796?

From our friends at The Women's Law Project:
Sponsored by Rep. Todd Stephens, HB1796, titled "Protection for Victims of Crime from Certain Municipal Ordinances" was drafted in response to a situation so outrageous that it gained national attention.
Thanks to a so-called "nuisance property ordinance" that enabled landlords in Norristown, Pa. to evict tenants for calling 911, a domestic violence victim named Lakisha Briggs was forced to choose between eviction and enduring physical abuse at the hands of an ex-partner, who would not leave the home she shared with her toddler.
After passing through the House, this good faith bill has since been sabotaged by one bewildering amendment after another.
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