Monday, April 26, 2010

Media Advisory: Earned Sick Days as Next Step in Containing Healthcare Costs

PA Workers Head to DC To Call for Earned Sick Days as Next Step in Containing Healthcare Costs

White House Advisor Terrell McSweeny to Address Public Health & Family Advocates Who Are Urging Passage of Healthy Families Act
Secretary of Labor to Give Monday Remarks on Work & Family Policies

Washington, DC – On Tuesday, workers from Pennsylvania will join with small business owners and advocates from around the country to unveil findings showing the effect a national earned sick days standard would have for the 50 million workers in America who lack paid sick time.  Giving these 50 million workers – including 40% of the private workforce in the U.S.– the opportunity to earn sick days would help contain health care costs while preventing workers from “choosing” between their health and their job when illness strikes.

Terrell McSweeny, Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President and Deputy Assistant to the President, will address the group as they call for passage of the Healthy Families Act (HR 2460/S 1152). McSweeny represents the White House Middle Class Task Force, whose annual report notes that the economic stability of middle-class families depends in part on policies that help families balance work and care giving obligations.

Small business owners and workers will travel from Pennsylvania— as well as other states around the country including Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington— to share stories about the value of paid sick leave and family leave insurance during the recession.

The briefing, by the Institute for Women's Policy Research with the National Partnership for Women & Families and Family Values at Work, will present new findings that explain how the federal legislation to provide up to 7 paid sick days would build on the historic momentum of health care reform, establish a critical safety net during the recession and advance the health and economic security of all Americans.

The Tuesday briefing will follow Monday remarks from Labor Secretary Hilda Solis — to be delivered at 6:00PM at the Fairfax Hotel — about workplace policies that help workers manage their responsibilities at work and at home. The events build on a growing tide of support from the Obama administration for work and family policies, including paid sick days and paid family leave.

WHO:    Business Owners and Workers from around the country
Terrell McSweeny, Domestic Policy Advisor to the Vice President and Deputy Assistant to the President; Middle Class Task Force
Ellen Bravo, Family Values at Work
Debra Ness, National Partnership for Women & Families
Kevin Miller, Institute for Women's Policy Research

WHAT:    Press Conference featuring federal paid sick days analysis and stories from small business owners and workers

WHEN:     Tuesday, April 27th
9:00 AM, Eastern
WHERE:     Capitol Visitors Center
Room SVC 202-203
Washington, DC

Contact for more information.

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