Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Reasons Why People Need Earned Sick Days

Pennsylvania Working Families asked Philadelphians why they thought the passage of a paid sick days law was important. The personal stories they shared are below.

Lauren W., 19111
“I have this working in NJ though I live in PA. In all fairness all workers should have sick leave without being threatened with losing their jobs.”

Kavita D., 19103
“Because everyone gets sick, it's human and natural, and it is a fair, humane policy to not penalize people for a natural occurrence like illness.”

Mario F., 19145
“Everyone deserves a reasonable amount of sick days for use especially when you don't want legitimately sick workers coming onto the premises. Offering sick days attracts good employees also.”

Kathryn L., 19446
Wages for unskilled workers are now so out of step with the cost of living that many Philadelphians can barely meet their basic expenses even when they are healthy. One unpaid sick day can mean losing a person's home. It makes sense that workers will come to work even when sick, spreading illness to many people they come in contact with. This has widespread consequences, especially in the restaurant industry. Increasingly, unskilled workers are denied many benefits that unionization had made standard even though these workers perform many physically demanding and stressful jobs and do the work that earns huge profits for corporations and investors. As a democracy we should be looking out for the welfare of all citizens and raising the bar for standards of living. Instead, We are devolving into a third world country in terms of worker rights and working conditions. For the sake of both workers and public health, the city should require paid sick days for all Philadelphia workers.

Crystal B., 19140
“People live from paycheck to paycheck, and may not be able to save. Every penny every hour counts towards their salvation. Missing one day could render them jobless and homeless. Please pass paid sick days.”

Amy S., 19147
“People get sick occasionally. They shouldn't have to lose a job or be put in financial hardship because of it. Besides, I really don't want a sick food service worker anywhere near my food.”

Deborah G., 19119
“When people feel compelled to come to work and handle food when they are sick because they do not have paid sick days, it presents a health hazard. I consider this a public health issue.”

George P., 19144
“Having paid sick are vital to working class people so that they can support themselves and their families financially. It is a matter of economic survival for them to pay their bills and other crucial economic needs like food and rent.”

David D., 19125
“Seems foolhardy to expect people to have 100% perfect health. We should be able to provide a reasonable buffer, so people aren't tempted to work when they have communicable illness.”

Julia B., 19135
“Paid sick days are important to me, because I am able to better take care and support my family. It makes it easier to pay my bills when I get behind. My health is very important, I work hard to ma ke it to work. When I get sick, my family should not have to.”

Susan S.
“First of all, it's morally just. And also, do we really want sick people serving our food?”

Jeri S., 19147
“I am now 80 and still must work. I get no paid sick leave, as I am considered an independent contractor. I have NEVER missed a day of work in over 9 years.”

Joanna M., 19143
“Even if everyone had impeccable health, he or she could still be at risk for becoming ill and everyone has the right to sick days without having to fear losing his or her job. In addition, a food service worker is putting others at risk if he or she has a communicable disease and comes to work.”

Kat M., 19115
“In this time and day with everything its hard to pay bills. When your sick their is nothing you can do, especially pregnant women I think should be longer than the 12 weeks they give you what can you do in 12 weeks until you recover and all its time to go back to work, its your child your trying to raise and you cant because they dont give you enough time.”

Flora W., 19146
“If people stay home when they are sick they get better sooner and they are less likely to make other people sick.”

Joe F., 19114
“Paid sick days are just a necessity for workers, and not abused as many bosses and owners would like to believe.”

Jesse B., 19146
“I have two kids and there is no substitute for being able to take care of them when i need to or myself so I don't get them sick.”

Walter F., 19119
“I don't want sick workers to spread disease in the workplace.”

Janene H., 19147
“I would not want anyone to compromise the health of our city by reporting to work when they are sick because they cannot afford take off. Everyone deserves to have a chance recover from being sick without the stress of losing pay.”

Eva Z., 19147
“Paid sick days help prevent the spread of illness to coworkers and customers.”

Laura T., 19144
“Paid sick leave is a basic need of all working individuals.”

Fermin M., 19133
“Everyone should have a right to at least 5 sick days a year because we are not robots and we do break down every now and then. Oops! Robots do break down.”

Lydia S., 19120
“Obviously no one wants a sick person making or serving their food or caring for the sick, elderly or newborn. No one should loose their housing, autos. etc. due to illness or go without food.”

Beatrice B., 19120
“I have 4 boys and I need 2 make sure that not only for myself but for them that I have paid time. Good luck.”

R. Reed, 19119
“Hardworking people deserve basic rewards. Many companies are making lots of profits and can pay for sick days.”

Michelle H., 19146
“Sick days are part of a humane treatment of this city's workforce. Plus, it helps curtail the spread of colds and viruses.”

Ruth H., 19146
“I was lucky enough to have paid sick days with my job before I retired. They can be the difference between making it and ending up on the unemployment line. Losing a job and insurance because a worker is in hospital is an outrage. No other developed country treats its citizens so poorly and them blames them for being unemployed. Shame on the city of Philadelphia and all the employers who treat employees so poorly.”

Kathleen M.
“Sick people should be allowed time for rest and recovery. Also, requiring a worker, especially a food worker to report to work when ill sounds like a sure way to spread disease.”

Jermaine S., 19153 “I'm a union plumber and we don't get paid for sick days either.”

Elizabeth A., 19104
“I do have paid sick days and I think this is necessary for anyone who works. I'm sure the CEOs of companies can be out sick without losing their job. It should be a basic benefit for employees.”

Gaya W., 19144 “People get sick and they should be able to stay home from work without feeling guilty or losing pay.”

Thomas M., 19148
“I have worked while sick before. I have almost been badly injured while doing so. It is hard to concentrate on your environment when you are concentrating just to stand up. You are less productive. Worse yet, you infect your co-workers and cause continuing disruption to the workplace. Worst of all, if you work with the public you are the gift that keeps on giving. Working while sick is counterproductive. Workers should not be penalized for being ill. There should be paid sick days.”

Mary A., 19119 “Because human beings get sick and it is wrong to punish them.”

Sameer R., 19143
“We need to not let people fall through the cracks, working themselves sick while not being able to get any time off to care for themselves or their loved ones. This isn't sustainable, nor is it humane, and we wouldn't want to put up with it at places where employees make more money. Let's not be hypocrites.”

Kimberly G., 19104
“No one should have to worry about losing their job simply because they are ill or have to take care of sick children. All workers should have the right to paid sick days and shouldn't be penalized for being ill!”

Patricia D., 19104
“I remember when I was working, I lost my daughter and was not able to work for a month. Thank God I had a boss who understood my situation and paid me the month that I missed. I never abuse time off from work. I can say I was a good worker.”

Annette P., 19146
“To prevent others from getting sick, especially people working with food and the elderly and children.”

Cynthia W., 19141
“It helps for you to maintain your house hold expenses.”

Janee F., 19128
“Given that the wages are already low for these workers and that losing just one day can cause an extreme struggle, this is something that is only morally right to have for city workers. Please pass this.”

Susan S., 19154
“I have friends and family members that can not afford to get sick without paid sick days. It is more dangerous to go to work sick and spread diseases. Some sick days are necessary.”

Ali B., 19151
“Nobody wants to be sick. It is natural phenomenon we don't have control on it. Most of the companies and govt. offices have at least one week of sick day leave with pay. Why not for the workers in Philadelphia city?”

Jacob L., 19119
“I want people who are sick and contagious to be home and not at work spreading the illness. A few or many sick days without pay can actually cause a serious and debilitating debt cycle than can be very hard to get out of when one makes not too much to begin with...”

Robert C., 19130
“I am retired so this type of law would have NO affect on me. However, the question in MY mind is - are we civilized or not. We ALL get sick sometimes. Seems to me a sick person is entitled to the support of our community when needed.”

Candice T., 19148
“Paid sick days are very important. People depend on their jobs and when we get sick Iit’s a part of nature or bodies telling us to slow down. Often it is hard to do so, or it will effect one’s income. Some people live off of pay check to pay check incomes. I'm about to have a baby in March and I am nervous about being out too long as well.”

Jacob L., 19143
“Because I'm afraid that when I have a job and then I get sick, I wouldn't have to worry about my boss firing me for something that isn't even my fault. Also, I hate the idea of people being punished for things that are not even their fault.”

Sean S., 19145
“People should not feel like they must go to work when they are sick. They just end up spreading germs to co-workers, commuters, etc.”

Mark M., 19147
“The United States lags behind all other developed countries on this issue. If we care about family values, we should care about paid sick days!”

Norman F., 19116
“I think paid sick leave is important for any employee,,,particularly low income and middle income employees. People have to take off when they or children are ill and can’t afford the loss of income.”

Juan M., 19114
“I had an accident September 2013. I had surgery on July the 14th of 2014. I am recovering, doing physical therapy. Did run out of money. i am a handyman. Still haven't paid this month’s rent. I am broke, out of money. Have nobody to borrow from. IT FELLS TERRIBLE.”

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